Selling wine in the age of Amazon,



(PROJECT)         Redesigning an outdated website 

(DISCIPLINES)    Web Design, App Design, UI/UX, A|B Testing

(KEYWORDS)     Minimalism, Millennial Marketing, Heuristics 

Imbibe with me.

I used to know nothing about wine. Buying a bottle was always intimidating. I didn't know what I liked or what was worth the price. As a typical millennial, I turned to the internet for answers; I watched videos and read reviews. It helped, but when I tried to buy wine online, I was overwhelmed. And the poor design of many of the sites didn't help. That's why when I was tasked with redesigning an out-of-date, user-unfriendly website, I knew exactly where to start.

For this project, I chose to redesign the website of K&L Wine Merchants. The company is a wine and spirits distributor and auctioneer, selling both online and at three retail stores. The first stage of this project was to make their homepage welcoming to new and returning customers alike, both in aesthetics and ease-of-use. The second stage was to redesign three additional pages: a search results page, item page, and check-out page both for desktop and mobile versions. The finished product is a striking yet straight-forward website that is as perfectly balanced as my favorite Napa Cabernet.


Website Design Brief



Competitive Audit

There are many options for buying wine online, but K&L's main competitors are WineBid, Total Wine,, and Drizly.


Using Weinschenk & Barker's Heuristics, K&L scored a pitiful 8 out of 20 compared to WineBid's score of 15.


We can do better.

Wireframing Solutions



The New K&L Wines

Desktop Version

Mobile Version

I'd like another, please.

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