Venn Conmigo,

Hi. I'm Jazmine and I'm a designer.

That's who I am, but it's not all of who I am. I have always felt the importance of identity, of knowing what I am made of and being proud of what makes me different, because that is what makes you better. 

Like a Venn Diagram, I am intersectional— and my purpose is to display the sum of my parts. I revel most in where the seemingly disparate parts of my identities overlap; I am a designer with a liberal arts background, a first-generation Peruvian-American, a girly third-wave feminist, and an outgoing nerd. 

The purpose of this portfolio is to showcase the whole of who I am, not just Jazmine the Designer. So, I invite you to ven conmigo— come with me and see and how living as a perfectly imperfect blend of a person has affected my life, my loves, (and, yes) my design. 

Come with me.

That's me,
Jazmine Diaz.
Jazmine Diaz-Esteves resume 2022 GD.jpg