Playing with type,

experimental poster set


(PROJECT)         Redesigned Poster Set

(DISCIPLINES)    Print Design

(KEYWORDS)     Broken Type, Shakespeare, French Riviera

Rulebreak with me.

As designers, we are sometimes torn between following conventions and creating striking work that defies what is expected. This project was the ultimate exercise in finding this happy medium. First, I explored the typographic boundaries that designers have already pushed. Then, I found two existing posters that I could push even further, to create my very own experimental type poster set.  

I chose two seemingly incongruous posters for this set: A promotional piece for Shakespeare in the Park and a page from a magazine article on French Riviera haute couture. Ultimately, I chose a segmented type treatment for the first because the play deals with mistaken identity. The second makes use of a very "Euro Holiday" color palette. 


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