The grotesque,

promoting a typeface


(PROJECT)          Type Specimen Book

(DISCIPLINES)     Print Design

(KEYWORDS)      Swiss style, Turn of the 20th century, Typophile

Nerd out with me.

Specimen books were once an essential part of the print industry. They are far less common today, with foundries putting their effort into well-designed websites to showcase their typefaces instead. Still, there is something to be said for seeing type in its natural habitat—paper. I was tasked with going old school and creating a specimen book for a typeface of my choosing. 

I chose Akzidenz Grotesk because I have a soft spot for underrated classics. When I learned that AG was made around the same time that the x-ray machine was invented, I knew that a marriage between these two cutting-edge creations was meant to be. 


Once more, with gusto.