Fempower with me.

Quick: Seventeen or Sassy? If you were a teenage girl in the early '90s, you likely fall into one of those two categories. While the former is still in print and continues to mold young minds, the latter is long gone but ready for a comeback. Which brings us to the challenge I was presented with: How do you take a dying, dead, or defunct brand, bring it back to life, and relaunch it into a modern success? 

From the get-go, I knew that Sassy had to evolve past print in order to be successful in our digital age. The first step was gleaning the "soul"of the brand. Step two was defining the brand's competitors. Third came logo design and development of the brand's visual guidelines. The final step was envisioning Sassy's brand extensions. 


Volume One


Volume Two


Volume Three


Our mission is to create a space for every teenage girl to think, speak, and act for herself.

But wait, there's more...

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