Fangirl with me.

I am not the typical Kevin Smith fan. So when offered the opportunity to center an entire film festival around a director of my choosing, he was not my first choice. I had heard his movies were crass, full of inane toilet humor, and plotless. Still, I saw it as a challenge: Could a bookish Californian feminist convincingly create something befitting of a whip-smart pothead from Jersey? 

Check to the Head is the result. From crafting a set of event tickets to producing and shooting a promotional trailer and creating an engaging website, I gained an understanding of what it takes to create a strong visual system that not only makes sense for the client and the audience, but can also be carried out in many forms. 

Raw photography + Light Leaks  

Gotham + Museo Slab

Badaboom + Halftone Dots

Ooh! What's next?

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created with love by Jazmine Diaz 2019 💁🏽

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